Quextit Q&A or (Quextit QnA) allows any organization to quickly and efficiently stream questions from users, customers or any community of interest to the right person or persons (moderators), and gives those experts a secure, private moderation forum for discussing and eventually publishing the correct answer.

Originally developed for the FIRST Robotics Competition, this solution has evolved significantly and is available on most smartphones and any web browser at a very reasonable cost per month.

Quextit Q&A is an entire mobile ecosystem that allows users and moderators to seamlessly switch between their computer and smartphones, allowing them to respond to their users and customers as quickly as possible, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Check out some of the applications such as Investor Relations and Competition Management, where Quextit Question and Answer Service fits perfectly.

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If you are a First Robotics Competition Supplier we have a dedicated quick start guide for you to help you get ready for the competition season.

About Quextit

We develop mobile and web based apps that make people's lives easier!

This is the best app ever!

- Surinder K. (Contestant)

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